Ngati Ao

"Ngati Ao" comes from the Maori language of New Zealand (Aoteoaroa), and like most terms has many possible meanings.

The meaning intended is "A member of the tribe of the Earth".

It is intended to indicate that all people are members of the same tribe.

We all belong to this place, this third rock from the sun.

We are, in a very real and scientific sense, all one big family living in the same place, and our survival may depend on us recognising this.

It is intended to get past the idea of national barriers, and to go beyond cultural barriers of real or imagined historical grievances and misunderstandings.

It is intended to indicate that first and foremost, we are all far more similar than we are different, however different we may be, and however important those differences may seem.

This site champions several ideas:

That we (self aware consciousnesses) are all valuable - irrespective of our economic contribution; and

That what is most important is to create systems that support every individual in self actualising to whatever level they responsibly choose. Where responsibility in this sense acknowledges that both the ecological and social systems within which we as individuals exist have sets of boundaries that must be respected - for survival's sake.

In order to self actualise several things are important:

Money and monetary systems are valuable only in so far as they support these goals, and not as ends unto themselves.

Anything universally abundant in a market has no value.

Automation allows us to deliver universal abundance of a large and expanding set of goods and services.

Markets cannot deal meaningfully with such abundance, and must always undervalue it.

Market thinking alone cannot deliver what we need.

Markest have certainly provided many services in our past, and have a strong historical association with liberty, and that is no reversing.

Liberty is a complex topic.

The more we know, the more we know we don't know and the less certain we become of many things.

When one looks deeply at the evolutionary strategic contexts that allow for the emergence of complexity, then one starts to gain an appreciation for just how fundamental cooperation is to the concept of liberty.

It does in fact seem to be necessary to go beyond markets to deliver the sort of freedom and security that is now possible.

Exactly how we transition, while delivering as much security as possible to all people, rich and poor alike, is something that will require a great deal of good will by many people.

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